Saturday, 29 April 2017

Enriched EVS To Fight Climate Change With An Army of Inspired Students

One important "green turn" educational institutions can take is by enriching their environmental studies curriculum and making it inspiring.
Environmental Studies or EVS is compulsory in schools and undergraduate courses but is rarely inspiring or change-making. This course has the potential to inspire young people and make then "planeteers."

By bringing earth champions and those running successful pro-planet projects into the classrooms and getting students out in the field - physically making a difference to the planet could be the difference between just vaguely remembering the course in your report card and consolidated marksheet  and actually making a difference to the world we live in.

Best remedy to environmental problem is turning students into earth champions by making environmental studies classes inspiring and practical with fieldwork. Once inspired these students can campaign to make policy makers to take the green turn and implement pro-planet policies.

Lawrence  School, Lovedale has one such inspiring programme. as part of their socially useful and productive work (SUPW). It gets students out planting the vital shola forests and grasslands that have been shown to be vital to conserve the unique ecosystem of the Western Ghats.

Getting students involved in green projects as mentioned below can make them more ecologically conscious:

setting up rooftop or wind mill,
setting up rain or storm water harvesting systems,

coastal cleanup

calculating carbon footprint and carbon audit
involvement in energy audit
turtle conservation
bird conservation
local biodiversity awareness, monitoring and conservation
tank clean up,
or even getting them planting and involved in the upkeep of a food producing garden.

One tends to learn more by doing when there is a paucity of inspiring speakers. Awareness of projects that are making a difference to the planet must be inculcated and kept updated.

We are at a civilizational cross-road. Our planet - the only one known to us that can sustain life - is severely stressed by pollution, global warming, climate change, extreme weather, melting ice caps, civil war/strife, etc.
A surefire way of making a difference in by ensuring the future generations are educated and conditioned to be eco-friendly, earth-friendly are truly human!

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