Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Before the Flood: The Next "Incovenient Truth"

I just finished watching "Before the Flood" and was moved by it. It's been a while since I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" but the echo was there. It resonated and magnified the message of the Story of Stuff movies.
That's the power of celebrity. That's the power of Leonardo DiCaprio.
The poster from Romeo+Juliet that was on my cupboard door for years!
"Clean air, water and a livable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics, it is a question of our own survival." 
- Leo DiCaprio

Before the Flood

Wonderful visuals, talks with the players and experts, personal experiences all bound together with Leo in front. From Ban Ki Moon to Barack Obama, Elon Musk, the pope and climate scientists and small island nations' leaders Leo arranges the players for us to see.

The floods, sea level rises, melting polar ice caps, dead coral reefs, drought, desertification, forest fires increased surface and ocean temperatures ... they are all there. Expressing with visuals more than words can say. The people, the animals, the ways of lives imperiled. All waiting the right choice, the right action.

Also are the hidden players - the king makers, the money spinners who push an unhealthy agenda for the people and the planet. Fossil Fuels and Fast foods and FMCGs that subsist on palm oil which in turn destroys rain forests.

I liked the fact that he accepted CSE's Sunita Narain squarely putting the ball back in the court of America (read Developed World) asking them to "put their money where their mouth is." To consume less, and invest in renewables.

Fight the Flood

There is a good collection of solutions on the Before the Flood website. But the message at the end stays with me:
Consume Differently
What you Buy
What you Eat
How You Get Your Power

(forgotten was what your drive and how you travel...but the renewable innovations in the automobile and aviation sector are just waiting around the corner, just a question of affordability e.g., Tesla Roadster, Toyota Prius, other hybrids, Solar Impulse, Solar autos, or solar boats/ferries)

And of course the Leaders We Choose
Timed just a week before the crucial US presidential elections and ahead of the COP22 at Marrakesh to put into effect the Climate Agreement reached in Paris and coming into effect in 4 days!

The carbon bomb of burning forests is a reality not just in Sumatra, Indonesia. It's ticking in the 700 million Indians who could opt for fossil fuels instead of inefficient biomass - cow dung cakes and foraged wood.
As the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon puts it,

"...addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all."

And entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are at the head of the curve. WE need to get on board and opt for 
The power to change is our power to choose. 

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