Friday, 5 June 2015


Today June 5, 2015 is World Environment Day.
The theme for this year according to the UN Environment Programme is  
“7 Billion Dreams…One Planet. Consume with Care.” 
With Hollywood star Leo Dicaprio leading the so-called Dream Team (#7BillionDreams) in pledges to envisage a greener tomorrow.

See the pledges at:
The galaxy of stars raises many concerns from overconsumption and food waste to the plastic menace. Many others took the time to pledge their dream …
Mine is a green planet with prosperity and plenty through sustainable livelihoods.

Closer home is the Chennai Coastal Cleanup this Sunday – June 7, 2015 between 6am and 9am between Marina (Asia’s longest beach) and Injambakkam. You can do your bit to clean up the coast (hunt the deadliest ocean predator – plastic) and make living near the ocean that much more heavenly.
A lot of the problems we face as humanity are linked to a poor environment.
Access to natural resources, management of resources, the basics “Roti, Kapda, Makhan” (Food, Clothing, Shelter) all have environmental implications.
Pollutions, overconsumption and waste are causing inequities that in turn lead to disease and even social unrest.
It’s all connected.

The problems of our planet seem to be saying “All for One and One for All” thus the solution should be arrived at keeping the same mantra in mind.
A clean environment, peace, empowering women, tackling hunger, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy all have to have a Sustainable Solution. And they all have to start within and imbue our every action.  
Respect for the planet translates into respect to our fellow human being, the flora and fauna and the entire human condition can improve when we are mindful of our actions and their immediate and long-term consequences.
What seems expensive today will provide unimaginable ROIs in health bonuses, quality of life and much more.
We are our environment … isn’t it time to put it right.
The life force in nature can make or break us. Carrot or Stick … you choose a reason to Go Green!
The solutions are just a step away:

  • Plant that sapling, tree, …garden, Green up your environment – it can change your life:

Read the article: “Inside Delhi's Greenest Building That Manufactures Its Own Air”

  • Reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Manage the soil right to trap carbon

  • Organic farming and food for a healthy and wealthy population

  • Switch to LED

  • Opt for the Plastic and Petroleum free option

  • Switch to renewables: RE-invest! <20150219_214830>

And of course remember to

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