Wednesday, 24 September 2014

TN Power Crisis: Its Time to Go Solar

How can the economy grow and the state and national GDP develop in a power crisis?
Today's front page and city and state pages of my daily newspaper was filled with news of the power crisis in Tamil Nadu. It may not seem like news to outsiders when power cuts are more frequent here than most other Indian states. Its a miracle the news wasn't on the financial pages yet but if load-shedding happens then its only a matter of time.

Power cuts may not be as frequent as they were in Chennai six months back but the increased tariffs and the proposals to limit power to industries will hurt MSEs more than the larger players, who themselves will feel quite a punch.

The all-powerful TNEB's power crises could send the Tamil Nadu economy down the drain.

A situation already in the works if the Central Statistics Office figures are to be believed. Bihar that appears in international lists of poverty-stricken places seems to have the fastest growth while TN - where ground realities look better than the much touted Gujarat Model has the slowest GDP  growth.

 The answer to the power crises may lie in the ultimate source of energy. The sun.
It may seem an obvious solution in sunny India but despite the JNNSM being announced five years ago state implementation has been poor.
If Indian space research can take us to the surface of Mars then definitely with political will and policy impetus Indian scientists and the solar business community can make solar energy the obvious and affordable alternative to a iffy grid!

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